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Established 1934



76 years ago, Henry and Cecil Green started manufacturing ties in the Grace Building at 77 York Street in Sydney. The year was 1934 and they called the company Green & Co. The name was soon changed to Ensign Ties.

After 6 years of modest gains in tailoring, Henry and Cecil purchased a building in Sussex Street, Sydney. Times were tough during the 1940’s, and as you might expect, sourcing materials became a next to impossible task during the middle of the 2nd World War. Eventually, they were able to source a steady supply of wool from Yarra Falls. Following this, the company unexpectedly stumbled upon their first big success – the pure wool tie.

As the war came to an end, the company boomed soon after in 1948. They went on to build another factory in Balgowlah, Sydney. Renewed by their success, Ensign went on to be the first in Australia to make a polyester tie. The first ties were made from Terylene in the colours mint green, sky blue and grey.

Cecil’s son, Michael, then started with the company in 1954. Soon after, he developed the underknot motif tie, which became a popular alternative to the traditional stripe.

Ensign’s success continued, and during the 60’s and 70’s. built two more factories in Chatswood and Gosford. After expanding their operations to importing and shirt manufacture, the company name was changed to Ensign International Pty Ltd., and acquired licenses to make for such famous brands as Christian Dior, Missoni and Paco Robanne.

After 46 years, Ensign International Pty Ltd moved back to Sydney, relocating to Foveaux street in Surry Hills, and then on to their current premises in Marrickville. Well over seven decades in business, Ensign has worked with thousands of schools, clubs, business, distributors and retailers Australia wide.

Ensign is still Australian owned and operated.

As a family business, our knowledge and craftsmanship have been passed down over four generations. We continue to make customised ties, formal wear accessories and fashion neckwear to a high standard.


Contact us today to see what we can do in providing a unique uniform accessory for your business, team, school or formal event.

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